Living and Giving

Dated: October 15 2021

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Have you ever wondered what the secret or the very essence of life is?

At times as a younger man I always contemplated this because most of the times I didn't have much. I remember thinking that I had to have this extraordinary life and be making a substantial amount of money, to give.


The problem with my mindset is it was one of scarcity.


Often, I remember driving down the street and I would see some homeless men or women that needed money, so I gave them a dollar or two. The great thing about each moment I did that, I took on a lot of emotion I didn't understand. What I started to notice is that in those moments I genuinely wanted them to have some hope, and that in turn, did the same for me. Now mind you, I was aware that giving the amount of a dollar or two, wasn't much. However, it really changed my focus and I started to see things in more of a grateful way. Was I being selfish? No. I believe that I was being Hopeful if anything at all.

We experience moments like this that cause a SHIFT in our thinking more times than we probably notice. I can think of another time I didn't have a way of paying my rent, paying for my car, or anything else for that matter; low and behold, moments would present themselves, and I would give.

One time that sticks out would have to be the time I was running a coffee shop and a young woman came in looking for a coffee. She decided our prices were too high and said that she would go somewhere else.

Something didn't feel right.

My manager and I sat there and talked with her and proceeded to ask her if she was having a great day, or if something was on her mind.

(You could tell she was not present, and something was bothering her.)

Fast forward the conversation to when she is finally telling me about something that I would have never imagined. I had said "I love my church," and she was not happy about it as she started to leave the front of the coffee shop. I was prompted to talk to her and let her know that i didn't mean anything by it, I just hoped God would bless her. She exclaimed to me that he has done enough, and she said "Thanks, but no Thanks."

I wasn't angry, but I was heavily interested to hear why she has become so angry or upset with God. As her story started to break my heart I remember thinking, this woman needs my help. I didn't have much money. I was running a shop that I had to pay for with my real estate commissions just to keep open, but it didn't matter.

You see, during my life I have understood the secret as I mentioned before, but never knew how to harness it. I proceeded to walk toward my car, and I asked out loud, "Show me there is a pen here and I will write this woman a check." I knew there was probably a pen in my shop, but I was looking for this to keep going the way it was to justify what I was doing. I remember looking to the side of my car door as I started to open it and there was a pen on the ground. It had been backed over a few times, it was cracked, but it was right by my door. I knew as I started to look for my check book that I was going to write this woman a check, because I believed in how powerful her story was.

This woman had unfortunately experienced a church protect a man who was a member of the church she went to, who took advantage of her 14-year-old daughter. She said it was a small town and she was trying to expose the people who went through this process, because multiple young women were being taken advantage of and she said her daughter didn't realize it because she was so young. This woman has been saving up money to try and create a pilot for Netflix, and she said that she was only $1000 a way from reaching her goal. As a I scrambled for a check book, I remember thinking how grateful I was to participate in something so much bigger than myself.

I found the check book, and I wrote her a check for $1000. She had reached her goal and was ecstatic. She cried and asked if she could hug me and had told me her faith was restored in God. I remember that day very vividly and I even made a video that is located on my "Opinions of The Mind YouTube Channel."

That day, that woman, changed my life.

If you choose to help others and give in the times when even YOU are in need, you will find it always comes back. I know another misconception I have had in my life, that I would like to share with you in case you are thinking the same.

You don't always have to give MONEY.

You can give your TIME.

At the end of the day those two things are the most utilized from every individual, and it's those forms of VALUE that make most people gauge their significance to this world. Everyone is going to have times where they don't feel they have much to GIVE. This will be the times that will ask for it the most. I'm certain you will see when the time presents itself, and you won't regret it.

Your mind is something that enjoys CHALLENGES.

"Every Problem is a Gift. Without Problems we would NOT Grow."

~Tony Robbins

I would love to share with you a perspective that I took on that I hope can inspire or motivate someone to experience the same amount of joy this decision brought me. As I mentioned before I have been in a position where I didn't have much multiple times in my life.

SHIFTED my mind to not FOCUS as much on my LACK, and it helped me see that the world had more possibilities than I could imagine.

You see, what you might not have noticed above is that my mindset changed to where I knew that if I helped those individuals, I wasn't alone in my problems. I decided to help them in ways that I knew would serve both them and me.

It brought HOPE into my life.

When you choose to give, I’m certain it will do the same for you.


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