5 Qualities that Make a Great REALTOR®

Dated: October 13 2021

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A realtor is not only trusted to help you with selling a home, but they are also trusted to helping you figure out the next step in your life. As a realtor with just under 6 years of experience I have learned I am much more than a real estate guide and would like to tell you more about how I have made my business's focus around overserving my customers.


Each time you have an important decision for buying or selling a home I feel it creates a real stress in your life. The times that we have SO MUCH going already, are not made easier by taking on something like a real estate transaction. 

A realtor should be a PLANNER

When you have a plan you most often, feel better. It's those moments we don’t have a plan or fail to be able to adhere to our plan, is when we feel things can be shaky. As a realtor, you need to have a plan for not only marketing and selling the home but helping the homeowner with each step. This is to include but not be limited to: 

The process of MOVING

The process of NAVIGATING where to go next or helping facilitate somewhere already planned.

The process of BALANCE and management of emotions during a stressful time.

1) You LIVE in the home you are selling and there are people coming in it daily. This can be an interference, or often feel like an inconvenience because your STUFF is still in the home, and you still are wanting to enjoy being there for the time being.

2) You need a place, and it feels like you have EVERYTHING going on at once! It can be much more stressful than you planned, and you can easily get overwhelmed with the moving parts.

A realtor should be an EXPERT

Your experienced realtor is going to need to have a ton of knowledge on much more than the market. Some of the best realtors i know, all have a strong suit when it comes to helping each client with the process.

Here are some examples.

The realtor is excellent at controlling the transaction and honoring timelines. (This is extremely important if you are focused on logistics and need to have clarity on what to always do)

The Realtor is excellent at marketing. This is extremely important in the markets that do not have as many buyers, or for properties that are unique and are not what every buyer that is in demand, is approved for. (Not many 3 bed 2 bath homes with a two-car garage and a nice reserved backyard in a popular neighborhood need that much extensive marketing.)

The realtor is excellent at guiding you through what to do, how to do it, and who to use to facilitate it. This is going to be for those families that have a lot of moving parts and are really trying to honor the move-out or move-in but have trusted the realtor to honor their life and schedule.

The realtor is excellent at appointing the right people for every part of the process, which comes with efficiency and organization. This is the best quality to have an often is the best way to have a group or TEAM effort in your efforts to sell or buy a home. In the end of the day the customer is going to be happy when the process is smooth, expectations are set, and there is always clear direction of what is next.

The realtor should be a PROFESSIONAL

You may be thinking this is covered under an "expert" but I happen to think it's not always the case.

During the transaction of buying or selling a home, there are a lot of different parties that are involved. A realtor must always be mindful of each party involved and be sure to do their best to stay in communication, provide documents and information, and oversee everything (While working with multiple clients.)

~I have a feeling this can often times be hard to balance if you don’t have systems in place and passionate people, willing to help utilize them.

The realtor should be RESOURCEFUL

This one is much more important than you would think. Although there is a certain amount of requirements for each transaction, there is newly presented info every time you have a new property, family, or different parties involved. It's okay for the realtor not to know everything; however, they really have to be resourceful enough to go and find the answer. This would mean that when they don't have experience in something, they have someone or multiple people, to ask for guidance. This can be a really great benefit for those that do decide to work with team leaders!

Having a team member to always be there to do an open house. 

Having a team member to accompany others at a showing or help someone who is trying to view the home get in. (Trust me, there are times where lockboxes don't work or people call a sign and expect to get in.)

Having a team member to take a call for something important that comes up that might require an experienced realtor immediately.

and the last goes on...

Finally, to bring this article to a close, i feel this one trait could be one of the most, if not the most, important.

The realtor should be PASSIONATE

Before i explain the importance of this, let me ask you this question. Would you rather work with someone who loves doing what they do or someone who does it because "it's their job?"

This can be a HUGE difference in some of the professionals in our work place! You want to find someone who makes customer service and over-delivery, a non-negotiable.

This person can have traits that match the following:

They are always seeking for more people to add to their list of partners.

They are always seeking feedback or asking questions that help you feel heard and put YOUR needs first.

They have a passion for working AFTER HOURS or sometimes spend their free time looking up material to help them be the best choice for what they do.

They help people who are NOT ready to buy or sell. (This can be being a resource, taking calls to provide information, or just taking the time to sit down and help someone feel heard.) <<< I see a pattern here, don’t you?


All in all a Realtor should be always looking to serve YOU and be willing to listen to what your needs are. I hope that you can feel the passion i put into writing this and i would really love the opportunity to interview for the position to help you, when the time comes. I feel that it is important to always have a great realtor who is in love with what they do and how they provide all of the services above with a serving heart. 

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