Mentors Will Change Your Life

Dated: October 14 2021

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Have you ever thought about why people read so many books or watch autobiographies of incredible people?

~Is it because they are seeking more information about what someone accomplished?

~Is it because they are looking to be entertained?

~Is it because they wish to learn more about the mistakes that were made or see that even someone from NOTHING can turn out accomplishing EVERYTHING they want and more?

I must tell you as an avid consumer of both forms of content, it's all the above and more. I want to tell you about a way that I have found to not only learn, but truly vicariously live through others and all the experiences they have had.

I found a mentor for every part of my life that was important.

Q) Are you looking for more advice or insight on how to accomplish having more of a relationship with your loved ones?

A) Find someone who has the best relationship with their family and ask them questions on life, love, and balance.

Q) Are you looking for someone who has accomplished a lot of success in business or finances?

A) Find someone who has uncovered successful strategies that they have proven to be consistent with, that maybe could help you as well.

Q) Are you looking for someone who has a FULL heart and loves God?

A) Find someone who has LOVE for others and believes that all their success is by God's grace and favor. (These individuals are my personal favorite to be around because they seem to have a bit of knowledge or grasp of all I have mentioned above.)

My personal mentors have shown me that I have taken in so much content and learning material, I am aware of what to do and what my life should look like. I simply mostly seek VALIDATION to satisfy my EGO. This is not something I am ashamed of, and in fact, I really EMBRACE it.

There have been a lot of times where I hear something extremely simple, and it brings me CLARITY I was already starting to experience.

A mentor is going to add INSIGHT to your life.

As I mentioned before through all the ways that I seek success, you could model other people's lives and take from them great ways of creating a better life for yourself. Most times, mentors have been "in your shoes" and they decided on a certain decision that taught them a lot of lessons that they now can share with you. This will be helpful if you choose to LISTEN.

A mentor can give you ADVICE.

A mentor can serve as a trusted advisor that can speak to you in a non-biased way on what they believe could be an OPTION for you. They are not going to tell you what to do if they truly have the best of intentions for you in your journey for SUCCESS or FULLFILMENT. They simply take what you are saying to them, listen, and add value by telling you what they believe COULD be best for you. I find that a lot of people who are coaches or professionals in the space of therapy, are great listeners and can only give TRUE advice, if they listen to all of what you are having trouble or seeking advice for. (You would think this is a given, but in my experienced it's not.)

A mentor can be a huge form of SUPPORT.

During your conversations with those you consider mentors, you will notice they are very empathetic of what you are experiencing and will most often, support you in ways that you are seeking. This can be a very crucial component to your journey and will always help you see that someone is there that CARES and wants to see you expose your potential in life. Mentors have a great understanding of the struggles most people experience, and because of their wisdom, they are always happy to help you see things in a way that is meant to help you. You are going to have to make the decision at the end of the day, but they are there to support you in the decision you choose to make whole-heartedly.

How do you find someone like we have explained above?

Be resourceful and start to watch other people. It's that simple. A mentor doesn't have to be someone that sits with you one-on-one and provides advice to YOU. There are group setting mentors, there are online mentors, and there are even "influencers" that have channels or social media that can easily be used for the same reason. There are so many people that fit the description of a mentor who are looking for people that they can help and INSPIRE. You have the world at your fingertips, and this is the best time to be able to watch other people and see what they have accomplished! I have so many mentors that I could mention who have truly given me some tools to CHANGE MY LIFE.

Some of the best mentors I have chosen to watch and grow with are:

Tony Robbins

During one of the worst times of my life I was able to bring myself to a change of MINDSET that unlocked my potential, after watching all this man's content. I have never met him but I know that he has made content and spoken advice to individuals like me ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Gary Vaynerchuk

This man has shown me that you don't have to have perfect content to create a movement. You simply must put in the work and make sure that you don't spend all your efforts trying to be someone you are not. He simply has inspired me to make my voice heard, even when I questioned if I was ready.

Less Brown

This man has an amazing story, but an even more amazing heart. When I first started to listen to him, I remember thinking "This man was born to do this." It heavily resonated when I started to hear what he says more than ever before.

"You have greatness inside of YOU."

His ability to help others find their gift, and namely ME to find mine, is something I will forever cherish.

I have in-person mentors as well, but most of them don't even know who they are. If they were to ask me, I would tell them. However, getting to spend time with them and be in their lives has rewarded me in ways I couldn’t explain.

I hope that you find people in your life that encourage you to be all that you want to be and more. Life is about balance. You may never truly find the PERFECT way to effectively keep it all "in the black," but you will enjoy having people who support you in your journey.

Thank you for reading this and I would love to hear about who you might consider a mentor. If this inspired you, share it with someone. I write these words because I wish to have a voice for something so much bigger than myself.

Impact > Income.

God Bless You

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